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Money Market Rates - How To Find a Safe Haven

When people go investing their money, most people look at a money market account as a safe haven, so to speak. Although money market rates fluctuate, they are federally insured and basically invest in safe securities. The securities are corporate and banks securities and the banks set their rates so that they cannot fail. Which is why they should not be rewarded are bailed out when they do fail, because a banks failure is always based on ridiculous risk assessment.

Banks cannot afford to run money market accounts on their own so they borrow money from the federal government. The government loans banks money at wholesale and the banks jack up their money market rates to earn money directly from consumers. The banks should never lose, and to protect themselves from sudden withdrawals they set up consumer restrictions, both the amount they can withdraw per withdrawal transaction and the annual number of withdrawal transactions per account, it is not like gambling in the stock market for these banks, it should be guaranteed income.

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